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A passionate & energetic performer with a repertoire of unparalleled diversity.

Mia Dorr is an energetic and passionate performer with an unparalleled diversity. Mia balances her powerhouse vocals with her whispers, allowing her to bring out the story of every song and draw in the audience with her dynamic performance and stage presence
Mia has been a singer in the Twin Cities music scene for over 20 years. She performs several times a week. She began performing for GLBT folks at the Over the Rainbow Bar in Downtown St. Paul in 1997. Since then, she and her team at Premier Entertainment have appeared regularly at a number of local venues in the Twin Cities. “Twenty years ago, I was a singer, and then the GLBT community welcomed me with open arms. That changed my life, and now I am an entertainer. These years have taught me how a chosen family comes together to support each other and rally together during times of adversity. I feel very fortunate to be able to perform as often as we do, and it’s because of the people who spend their time at our shows, some on a weekly basis, and some once a month or so, who give us the opportunity to entertain and do what we love the most. The past 20+ years have been the blessing of my life, and I get weepy just thinking about it.”
DiDi "Dana" Pagitt, who is Mia's show producer and manager takes song requests during the Mia Dorr Show and banters with the audience. “The music at our shows is reflective of people who are in the audience. Mia was once referred to as ‘a passionate and energetic performer with a repertoire of unparalleled diversity.’ I love this description, because it describes her so succinctly. Our favorite music is what moves audience members, either physically in their chairs or in the memories in their minds, or stirs them in their souls. Those are the best ones!”

"Holy Guacamole! Mia and Didi are amazing and I try to make this show every week -- Mia has some PIPES! They take requests and her repertoire is vast. This is the best regular Sunday night entertainment in the Twin Cities, hands down. Seriously. Not. To. Be. Missed." -Jen K

"What a great way to end a weekend! Mia is a great performer. She can sing anything from Cher to Carrie Underwood to my favorite Joan Jett. Add in some Broadway show favorites and your night is complete. Mia takes requests and she is even willing to try a song that she isn't real familiar with. If you are in St Paul on a Sunday night, be sure to check out the Mia Dorr show." -Tracy N

"Mia and DiDi Rock! Mia's repertoire of songs is simply the best.  Broadway, top 40, country, "oldies" or cheesy 80s, she knows them!  She's not only a fantastic singer, but a genuine and gracious performer who is sure to light up your night.  DJ DiDi on the mic with her quick wit and way she banters with Mia just adds so much fun to the show.  I've been coming here as many Sunday's as possible for nearly 7 years and wouldn't want to end my weekend any other way than with these two beautiful people." - Brian K

"Time is the most precious gift of all, thank you for spending yours with us" - Mia



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